Our Values


The Mission of Brooklyn International College is to provide our students with quality education at affordable fee by changing them through intriguing academic programs so that their future career prospers eternalizing responsibility towards the society accomplished with dignity.


Our vision is to amplify Brooklyn Education Foundation and its college as a center of excellence in learning and Knowledge building and as an international forum of academic exchanges through full range of university level academic programs.


  • To provide best education in a professional environment realizing all-round development of students' personality.
  • To generate responsible citizens through the learning collaboration of the college, students, parents and local community.
  • To focus on regular subject wise workshops and seminars.
  • To achieve top results in all forms of competitions and examinations.
  • To provide quality education in affordable fee and scholarship based on need, earthquake victim, merit and social inclusion.
  • To grant multi-faced global education equipped with technology and current necessity.