Message from Principal

The Brooklyn ambience is progressive and challenging and strives to instil in the students a desire for creativity and lifelong learning so that they may spur the momentum to change the future. Brooklyn employs faculties who are highly accomplished both in academics and research, and deploy all their expertise for the benefit of the students. Students of the 21st century will have to ready themselves to work with people of different cultures in a rapidly changing and challenging environment. Research and application of this knowledge in education helps our faculty to inspire the students to draw lessons from the changes around them and effectively prepare to face the demands of the society they will serve. Students are equally engaged in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and are provided many platforms to showcase their talents and skills. The College, located in the heart of Electronics City, has state-of-the-art infrastructure. Facilities include multimedia facilitated classrooms, a robust library, IT labs, language labs, auditorium, amphitheatre,infirmary, cafeteria and many others. I invite you to visit our campus, speak to our faculty and students to understand the college programmes and activities. Our students and alumni will be happy to vouch for the many new things they have experienced and learned at Brooklyn.

I promise you a very interesting and exciting intellectual, social and cultural experience at Brooklyn!