Academic Rigor


The core function of any education institution is to provide an academic program most suited to the needs of its students. We feel the most important criteria to keep in mind while creating the class environment. We keep our class sizes around 30-35 because it balances the conflicting needs on one hand, every student gets the necessary attention, and on the other hand, there is a critical number of students to give rise to informal learning groups.  



We keep full time faculty for core subjects so that students are able to get guidance even outside their classroom. Here, teachers are available for fulltime at school contributing the teaching quality and environment of the school/college.


Parent-Teacher Meeting

Research has shown that parental involvement is the most important factor in a student’s academic success. We hold meetings between the parents and teachers of students to discuss students’ report card and general progress.


The Cafeteria

We have a spacious cafeteria within the college premises that maintains the highest standards when it comes to hygiene. We make sure that the students get the best quality food that meets the optimum quality standards. Cafeteria offers a wide selection of dishes. The menu changes every day and caters for a variety of diets. Open from early in the morning, the cafeteria is a popular choice for meals and as a meeting point for students.



Brooklyn will involve students in different outdoor activities like Basketball, Football, Cricket, Futsal and other indoor games. Brooklyn will provide ample opportunities for students to grow through debates and singing idol, dancing star, speech contests, guest lectures, and TED sessions. In addition, a social work club will be organized where willing students will be clustered to work with our partner organization. It will highlight our different approach towards learning: “learning by doing.”


Student Council

Brooklyn will facilitate constructing a Students Council consisting of students from all level. This energetic group which actively organizes different kinds of programs at college like welcome, farewell events as well as other interested events. Brooklyn Students’ Council (BSC) helps improve your college experience and champions the learners voice.



The new millennium will require that all students are able to make good use of the Internet in their learning activities.  However, we are aware that this can be distractive and addictive. To manage this, we provide Wi-Fi connectivity in non-classroom spaces. There is strong Wi-Fi available for students in campus. Though students are allowed to use Internet during leisure hours, they are not allowed to use it in the class.


E-supplements: We have designed ways to introduce students to on-line learning tools. Our library, for example, will lend out tablets that will have access to most advanced e-journals and education modules in the world.

Scholarship Policy
Our scholarship policy is to encourage students with curiosity and drive, regardless of economic need/status

·         Need-based and merit based (Up to 80%) scholarships are available for academically outstanding students, please talk to us before applying for admission if you wish to apply for this.

·         There is a separate application process for scholarship for sports persons, under privileged, students from earthquake victim’s family and special consideration for creative students.

 Personality Development Program

Did you ever worry about what you would do at a party? How you would behave? What would you say? Have there been instances where you just felt no one understood what you were trying to say? Brooklyn has introduced Personality Development Program (PDP) as an integral part of schooling. The program identifies the hidden talent in the students, polishes it and offer them opportunities to practice.

Brooklyn will give you all the help you need with our comprehensive PDP. You’ll develop the little things that could make a huge difference to your life and career. We’ll work on your confidence, communication skills, teamwork, creativity and memory to help you look, feel and even think better.

PDP Course Components

·         Personality Development Seminars

·         Mentorship Opportunities

·         Motivational Session

·         Participation in Conference /Seminars

·         Public speaking/Anchoring Training

·         Presentation Training

·         Fun/Refreshment/Outing Programs

·         Networking Opportunities

·         Guest Speakers/Lecturers

·         National/International Exposures

·         Effective Communication Skills Workshop

·         Movies /Documentaries Sessions

·         Internship Opportunities

·         CV/Report/Paper Writing Workshops

·         Robotics training

Guidance Counseling Program
Guidance-Counseling is another essence of Brooklyn. The counseling sessions are held in groups as well as with individuals according to the need and choice. Regular mentoring will help students to explore and persue their goals after their high school, too. The Counseling Program aims to ensure that their experience at Brooklyn is aligned with their own sense of direction and purpose. Guidance counseling at Brooklyn facilitates students in following areas:

·         Helps students on setting goal for higher studies.

·         Facilitates learning and improves academic achievement of students.

·         Helps students to choose right career depending on their strengths by providing occupational information

In order to ensure the students ongoing academic progress, Brooklyn conducts internal assessment tests (Term tests, Home Assignment, Academic Excellence Test) on regular basis, it is absolutely mandatory that the students should appear in all the examinations when conducted. Similarly, every student must appear in the sent-up test conducted by the college and the successful result of which allows the students to appear in final examinations held by the concerned board.

Rules and Regulations

In the environment where students are expected to behave with freedom and responsibility, it is not possible to outline all rules.  The starting point is that students respect and follow rules of Brooklyn. Students are strongly discouraged to act against, and involve in any activities that defame the dignity of the college.

Attendance and Absenteeism

1.      All students are required to be regular in attendance and be punctual. Except in case of illness or emergent and unforeseen circumstances the student is expected to be present. In case of illness extending over two days, a copy of the medical prescription will have to be produced to substantiate the claim.

2.      The absence needs to be recorded in the school diary. In case of absence of more than three days, a written application has to be submitted to the shift coordinator.

3.      Prior permission for leave must be obtained for any other valid reason not falling under the category of an emergency. In such a case the student may be permitted leave depending on the reason but covering the missed lessons and homework will be the sole responsibility of the student. There is no provision for conducting any test or exam missed by the student due to absence for any reason.


The uniform serves to identify students and provides them with security even outside the college premises.  The dresses should be clean for one self and respectful to others.

Students may wear uniform during all days. Uniform can be purchased from the tailor referred by college.


Disciplinary Actions
All Disciplinary issues will be reflected in student’s Disciplinary Record. The Disciplinary record will impact character certificate, recommendations. Student must not resort to any activities that cause disturbance, disharmony, misconduct, or is deemed illegal as per school policy.

1.      All the students are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior at all times within as well as outside the school campus. All students will be accountable to the school authorities for their conduct.

2.      Students involved in or inciting fights or found using tobacco or intoxicants or other types of indiscipline will be subject to severe disciplinary action which may lead to expulsion from the school.

3.      Students found bullying, borrowing money, using vulgar and abusive language, deliberately disfiguring or damaging school property will face stern disciplinary action. The student may also be charged a fine to recover the cost of damage or repair of property.

4.      All students require to have the ID tag displayed prominently (worn around the neck) for proper identification.


Life Skills

Brooklyn College’s programs are well known for its development studies in Nepal of transferable life skills, employable skills, research skills and academic literacy skills. Our academic programs go beyond traditional instruction as they encourage students to implement learnt theories and knowledge of various modules using simulation software that is real-world oriented and hands-on. Throughout your time with us, you’ll be encouraged and motivated so that you stay on track to achieve your goals. We ensure you are on the right path to take you where you want to be, including seamless progression to your life.


Brooklyn follows the best teaching approaches prevailing in the world. Summing them in brief our methodologies: -

·         Enhancing learners’ activities

·         Exposure for global competence and persue

·         Participatory teaching (explorative division, problem solving, experimentation, project work, group works, workshops, trainings, DIYs, seminars)

·         IT based teaching approach (Smart board, digital course-learning and e-library)


Internship and work

As an essential requirement of Brooklyn programs, students are required to undertake internship while pursuing their degrees. The internship in the various programs is a non-credit course. The primary objective of the internship is to provide the students with a real-life, on-the-job exposure to work situation. The internship provides the students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to the actual business situations. Brooklyn foundation is bringing work module for the interested students during term break and holidays in order to prepare them for the market as well as make them financially independent.


Computer Lab

To help students get updated with the modern technological and computing skills, Brooklyn has a modern computer laboratory consisting of adequate number of computers. Students are free to access Wi-Fi internet in the college premises.



Brooklyn has a rich library which consists of a wide collection of books, magazines, journals,manuals, periodicals, publication and other reading materials. It is designed in such a way that the students can sit quietly, enrich their mind and nourish their soul. The library works on the automated electronic system which benefits the students in accessing and reading the books and materials they need. Brooklyn also provide e-library to the students to explore world of knowledge from their fingertip.


Social work and Community Service

Social responsibility is an integral part of our core values. You will be provided with many Community Service opportuniti es including volunteering in social organizations, fundraising campaigns, rural camps and awareness campaign on various social issues.


Foreign Language

Learning foreign languages will sensitize you to the world cultures and at the same time make you aware of your own culture. The Office of Student Affairs, in collaboration with its partner institutions, offers you English, French ,Chinese and Japanese languages.



Situated on the top floor of the college building, the auditorium is one of the busiest venues on campus. An Air Conditi oned auditorium with the capacity of 120 people has a stage, a podium and is audio-visually equipped.The auditorium also has a terrace outside to hold after event tea parties and networking events.The venue hosts many college level events including Brooklyn Corporate Quiz, Brooklyn Speaker Series, Brooklyn Ted talks,and various other events.


IT Facilities

The Brooklyn Academy is committed to the appropriate use of information technology in teaching, research and administration through the provision of a wide range of computing resources and support services. Our web based online virtual learning system acts as a communication tool between students, faculty, administration staff and parents. Every classroom has a PC and digital projector, with power backup. We also have various dedicated study areas available with electric outlets and network plug-in points.

Reading Culture

Reading has been the richest tool for enriching the knowledge of human being in the past centuries of mankind. At Brooklyn, learners not only read the books of their choice in the library period but also involve in the reading related fun-activities in their language classes which are later accompanied by the book review they do. Brooklyn has introduced particular month as ‘Reading Month’ in particular class in which learners go through extensive reading of books of their choice, transform them as monologues, plays, storytelling and so on and so forth. Students involve themselves in reflective writing using new language chunks, altering the ending, letter to the writer etc. All in all, one of the most traditional yet the most influential forms of gaining knowledge is entertained in Brooklyn to the fullest


Applying to Brooklyn

We keep our application procedure simple and straightforward. Our college attracts numerous students from all over Nepal and it is extremely important to us that each student receives proper assistance in the application process.

Entry Procedure:-

Students wishing to apply to Brooklyn go through four stages of admission.

1. Meeting the admissions team: The admissions desk is your go-to team for any queries relating to application, required documents, and certifying documents.

2. Application and Submission: Our admissions team will evaluate your application. Applying online or in-person is your choice. Follow the directions and submit all the required certified documents. The admissions team will contact you if they require any further information.

3. Entrance Test: This part of our admissions procedure is crucial as it helps us decide the entry point for your desired course.

4. Welcoming you to Brooklyn: Once your application is accepted, you will be invited to return to college for the enrolment process.